About SAFE

Mission, Vision and Priorities

SAFE Mission Statement

SAFE is a consumer-facing nonprofit organization dedicated to providing accurate and objective education on all facets of annuity products with the ultimate goal of extending the potential for income accessibility to everyone over a lifetime.


SAFE Vision Statement

SAFE is known and recognized as the indispensable resource for credible education and research on annuities, helping millions of people to safeguard and extend the prudent and appropriate use of their assets for the rest of their lives.


SAFE Priorities

To be successful and to carve out a unique niche, SAFE will:

  • Provide targeted focus on exceptional consumer education through its website, social media, public relations efforts, and publications
  • Be known for objective, accurate and comprehensive information on annuities
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of information among all SAFE stakeholders to enhance communication and understanding of all things annuities
  • Participate in the development of independent and customized research and promote findings to appropriate parties
  • Develop meaningful relationships with stakeholders, including media, government, employers and consumer groups.  SAFE will not lobby for legislative or regulatory efforts but will instead be a legitimate source from a third-party standpoint.