Your Retirement

Your Retirement

Planning for a successful, prosperous and comfortable retirement is one of the most important things we can do in our lives. As you may already know, most Americans don’t spend enough time thinking, planning or saving for their futures. SAFE is here to help you probe and consider your retirement possibilities, and to assist you in achieving your retirement goals.  

How long do you plan to work? Maybe you want to take early retirement at 62, or stop at full retirement age 67 or to keep working as long as you are able because you enjoy it and benefit from the income it provides. We want to help you explore those options and to determine whether you have saved enough to not worry about having enough money for the rest of your lifetime.

How well have you saved for retirement? Do you have a diversified retirement income plan, consisting of money from your savings, pension, 401(k) and other investments? How will your home equity play into and possibly add to your retirement resources? What have you decided regarding the use of Social Security at 62, 67, or 70? The decision when to take Social Security is a critical decision that will affect most all of your remaining retirement decisions.

At the end of the day, when you review your balance sheet for retirement, where are you? What will you need for monthly living expenses and your other goals, such as travel, possible health care needs or leaving a legacy for other family members? Will your current savings and Social Security be enough to ensure a comfortable retirement for the rest of your life, knowing you can’t predict how long you and your spouse/partner will live? Do you need something else that can help to protect your hard-earned money, grow your resources, and extend them well into the future, potentially until the day you die. Your Social Security is part of the answer. An annuity could be a powerful and permanent add-on to strengthen your retirement portfolio and to give you comfort that you will have retirement income for the rest of your live.

As you explore our web site, you will come to know that SAFE wants you to learn more about annuities as a potential key intersection to consider in your retirement planning. Annuities may not be for everybody but it is important to, at least, learn about their benefits and overall value. You’ll find SAFE to be a “safe” place to learn, explore and test your assumptions as it relates to your present-day financial situation.