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SAFE Overview

With the overarching desire to dispel ongoing misconceptions by the general public, the financial media, elected and career government officials and other important centers of influence, the Society for Annuity Facts & Education (SAFE) was founded in 2012 as a 501(c)(3) charitable educational nonprofit association. Its primary focus is to demystify and simplify issues surrounding the appropriate use of all annuity products in retirement and financial planning and to clarify their unique and valuable place in extending the potential for increased lifetime income for all savers.

SAFE is chartered and designed to focus primarily on the educational needs of consumers. Its new website and related educational materials will help consumers learn about how annuities can protect and extend retirement income, answer questions on the various complexities and facets of annuity products and how they are sold, and support potential buying decisions with straightforward information and guidance.  Consumers will gain greater appreciation for the ability of annuity products to safely accumulate and protect income and to enable strategies for long-term income de-accumulation.

Many Americans are under-saved for retirement. There is a severe lack of understanding of why planning for retirement is different from planning in retirement. Through an objective and commercial-free educational approach, SAFE believes it can be a unique, “safe” and enlightened resource for all who seek knowledge about annuity products and their potential impact on retirement.

Governed by a board of directors representing leaders from the annuity industry as well as academic, research, and consumer interests, SAFE is positioning itself as the objective source for information on all issues relating to annuity products. From sharing insight on the attributes and capabilities of all annuity products (fixed, indexed, variable and their respective iterations) to alerts on avoiding inappropriate sales practices, SAFE intends to be an advocate and a watchdog for all individuals seeking to learn and benefit from annuities.  Other key targets for SAFE educational efforts include media (financial and social), elected local, state and national officials, government agencies, financial advisors, employers and allied consumer groups.

Mission Statement

SAFE is a consumer-facing nonprofit organization dedicated to providing accurate and objective education on all facets of annuity products with the ultimate goal of extending the potential for income accessibility to everyone over a lifetime.

Vision Statement

SAFE is known and recognized as the indispensable resource for credible education and research on annuities, helping millions of people to safeguard and extend the prudent and appropriate use of their assets for the rest of their lives.